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The collapse of civilization

by sequence theory project

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sequence theory project - Κύτταρα Δεν έχει τέλος ο δρόμος Σ’αγγίζω μα δε σε φτάνω Στο βυθό Μου φέρνεις κοχύλια Τραγούδια σου στέλνω Πεθαίνεις τη μέρα Τη νύχτα σ’όνειρο ξυπνάς Παραμύθια διαβάζω Δε μ’ακούς που ουρλιάζω Ιστορίες μου λες και γελάς Στα κύτταρά μου μέσα Τα κύτταρά σου σκοτώνεις Με κοιτάς, ξεμακραίνω Κολυμπάς και γλυτώνεις
sequence theory project - Angel’s lullaby In the dark eyes of the seasons Your eyes Cold and still longing for the fires In the ice Little angels falling from the sky Within your hair The earth is small like colored butterflies Inside your hand Weeping meadows fill the clouds with stardust Open windows lighten the streets with stardust “Fly away, my little angel To a strange land where you can find your wings Fly away, my dark angel To a strange land where you can find some peace” Сумрачны глаза наших поколений, Твои глаза Ждут и ищут страсти и спасенья В холодах. Μικροί άγγελοι πέφτουν απ’τ’αστέρια Στα μαλλιά σου Η γη ανάλαφρη σαν πεταλούδα Στα δάχτυλά σου
sequence theory project - silence memories are rooms of pain they’re filthy voices in my brain run in my blood like a haunted train that once I chose to die than fade away and that sound stuck in my head of soldiers making noise children making silence SILENCE All the bridges falling down Running your head through All the mothers crying out Children making silence The city is screaming I can’t take so much light I stare at the ceiling Breaking inside Performance is over You ripped off my heart Performance is over You ripped off my heart
sequence theory project - chocó chocó Jingle jingle little star How I wonder where you are I found a place for my heart To dry my tears in the dark Like a picture in a frame I put colors in your name Like bitter coffee in the morning On a cloudy day Like an old tape inside a dusty book Chocó Chocó like your eyes Milk and honey in a bowl Pour vanilla and some flour Sugar sugar in the row Like the silence in a dream I send you postcards when you sleep Like bitter coffee in the morning On a cloudy day
sequence theory project - little things Like a clock your life is spinning In the same old streets that you don’t know their names And the first things you learned in Maths at school was To deal in the grossery and Sing along for dead heroes who fell for your country The one that never saved for you and kept your mumr At work until late at night And you were alone When you stopped going to church your hair grew longer And your clothes turned black But people never tried to accept what you are and then Started talking behind your back Your friends didn’t really know those books that you read But you kept on collecting little things Like your girl’s chewed gum In boxes for shoes when you were alone you were alone
IT'S TIME 05:13
sequence theory project - it's time It’s time to open your eyes in this Dark Age To see who’s holding the gun and who’s pulling the trigger when Demons are close and the hunger is bigger Now it’s time It’s time to fight Fight for it OPEN YOUR EYES You take me down to the bottom Until there’s no time And I wonder No angels shall heal us for our Sins I just wonder There’s nothing else to destroy To bleed for our freedom Every day in the streets There’s nothing else to save Now that innocence was killed in a day When it’s gonna be “THAT DAY”?
THAT DAY 06:30
sequence theory project - that day From Cambodia to South Darfur,Salvador and Palestine tears for all my brothers and my sisters in the war machine Children killed for nothing, dying on the borders with a bunch of hopes bleeding on their shoulders In the cities of control freedom costs a lot of money, refugees from all the world tortured by the army, human trafficking and little girls in prostitution Cops will shoot you in the head, prepare for Revolution Soon it's gonna be that day for the weak and the poor soon it's gonna come that day that we won't be ruled
sequence theory project - civilization collapses a sinking world and the common sense machine guns, chemical fertilisers polluting your blood, "you'd better stay inside" for abusive testing on your brain ALL THE THINGS THEY SAY ALL THE THINGS THEY SAY ALL THE THINGS THEY SAY eating plastic, losing weight run automatic stairs for massive consumption your head wired inside the screen mouths talking about catastrophy I DON'T CARE ABOUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT systems are watching you numbers in scale write on my skin is all i know any information leaking 'bout corruption International Security on your door YOU'RE UNDER ARREST YOU'RE UNDER ARREST the sun on my face, this beauty i see like a soft feather in the air breathing sounds of streaming waters the air I breathe..


Release date - 10/11/12

all rights reserved

The copyright in this sound recording is an intellectual property of sequence theory productions.

The licensor permits individuals to copy, distribute and transmit the sound. Any use for commercial purposes, selling products or massive media without permission is prohibited.


There is darkness in the soul of every human being.
Sometimes we get lost inside it
But when we find beautiful ways to express the agony for this world it becomes light
Our music is our weapon in this Dark Age;
however we need a certain darkness to follow the stars.
Some people never find a way out and they become the demons they are fighting.
We create our songs with the hope to feed the listeners with fantasy, to spread melodies and dynamic beats combining our sentimental side with the struggle we give every day to free our minds and become a worthly part of the universe.
This second album of sequence theory project is an independent production by a creative team of friends- each one with high experience and specially qualified in their own field- who have worked hard in different sectors of this process.
It's a compilation of feelings of revolution, falling in love, broken hearts, distance, melancholy, forgiveness, passion, unity, losing and finding hope.
With love to you sisters and brothers

Melentini and the sequence theory project



released November 10, 2012

Melentini- Vocals, lyrics, trumpets, synthesizers and keyboards,
Kostas Antoniou - electric bass
Wris-Orfeus- Beats, synthesizers, production and sound design
Tasos Davakos- Electric guitar (It's time)
Dimitris Petsalakis- Electric guitar (That day)
USURUM- Electric guitar, vocals (Saddest beauty)
Artwork- Neoklis Delegos


all rights reserved



sequence theory project Greece

Sequence Theory Project is an independent collective
In the modern way of living Man humiliates every living creature in the name of money,power,authority and order.
We resist at this directed situation with this collective music project,creating a D.I.Y digital environment for sharing our art with the public.
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